Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Top 5 Hair Care Products

I thought I might share the products I use during my everyday hair care routine with you seeing as people always comment on how lovely my hair looks/feels/smells etc. There are 5 items  at the moment in which I  always will recommend to people in order for them to make the most of their beautiful hair. However it is only the beginning of 2012 and I may find even more hair care products which I am impressed with, so I assure you that I shall keep the growing list updated!
Firstly I shall tell you a little about my hair. I have had many people ask whether I bleach my hair/where do I bleach my hair/what colours do I highlight my hair with and it gets on my nerves so much!! So just to get things clear, my hair is completely NATURAL. I do not bleach or highlight my hair, neither do I have extensions etc. My whole family is blonde/ginger and my dads side especially, I guess this is where I inherited my hair colour from.
Secondly my hair is extremely soft and silky, this could be down to the colour/texture/style (straight) my hair is naturally, the products I use on my hair or how often I wash it. The fact its as soft as it is I find it extremely hard to style it. Normally if I curl my hair it will be flat within an hour no matter how much hairspray I use on it.
Lastly my hair gets very greasy very quickly, so I tend to wash my hair everyday. People may say this is bad blah blah blah, but honestly I don't care. I hate greasy hair, it is one of my pet peeves and if I don't wash my hair I can't bare to go out the house. So I wash my hair every single day, and have been doing so for years now. But yes, this was just some background info on my hairs condition. So altogether I recommend these products to everyone, but especially to people with similar hair texture/type as me.

1. The first hair care product I recommend and use daily is GHD's. I honestly couldn't live without these beautys! I'm sure there are plenty of other great straightners out there, such as Cloud Nine straightners which my uncle has recommended to me before, however I love love love my GHD's. They are a bit on the pricey side but they make your hair smooth and shiny no matter what type of hair you have. Most of you must be wondering why I use my GHDs as I do have naturally straight hair. I use them to straighten my hair if I don't think it's sitting right, I use them to curl/make my hair wavy and also to smooth down my partings. I recommend you buy a pair straight away if you do not already own some! They are honestly one of the best straightners about!
ghd Gold Classic styler
2. The second thing I recommend is HerStyler's Curling Wands. I don't actually own a pair of herstylers curling wands but my friend Hayley does. Whenever she/we use them it makes effortless waves/curls easily and quickly which lasts all day. The curling wand heats up quickly and efficiently so that you can curl your hair within a few minutes. I honestly have not experianced a better product which gives you such great curls within a short amount of time using them! I highly recommend them,although they are awfully expensive at a retail price of about £165,  but im sure you could always find them at a cheaper price on the internet. They make your hair shine and look beautiful no matter how you use them to create the style you want. I hopefully shall be getting a pair soon!

3. Last summer the ends of my hair was extremely dry and damaged after I'd spent 2 weeks in Portugal swimming and sunbathing. The high temperatures, lying in the sun all day and swimming in the pool and sea completely ruined my hair, causing lots of split ends to appear. So I went to the hairdressers and had my ends trimmed. Whilst I was there I asked my hairdresser if there were any products which would help my dry ends and she recommended to me Moroccan Oil. I'd never heard of this product before and she explained it was an oil which you put/rubbed onto the ends or effected area of your hair which replenishes, repairs and protects your hair against heat, styling and environmental damage. Many people may be scared to put oil on their hair like I was seeing as I hate oily/greasy hair. However it helped my hair so so much! It protected my ends and made them feel soft and silky again! I have never used a product that has had an immediate effect on my hair like Moroccan Oil did. It repaired it straight away and within a few days my hair was back to its normal shiny-self! You can buy this oil in most hair salons however I am not quite sure if major cosmetic stores such as Boots or Superdrug sell/stock this hair care product, but I definitely recommend it to all of you!

4. The fourth product I really recommend is TRESemme Dry Shampoo. I heard about TRESemme's Dry Shampoo through watching a collective haul video on youtube (it was Zoella's channel: click here for the video). I decided I would try it due to not really liking Batiste Dry Shampoo as I didn't like the smell of it and the feel of it when I sprayed it in my hair. I love dry shampoos as it allows me to be lazy and not wash my hair every day, definitely if I'm really busy or tired! So I bought it and I doubt I'll use any other dry shampoo again. I absolutely adore it, it smells so fresh and nice! Although it still is a white colour I don't really care as I brush or rub it in anyway! I only have good things to say about this product and adivse you all to go and buy it! It may be a tad bit pricier than batiste but it is well worth it as it freshens up my hair making it smell and look cleaner than ever!

5. The fifth hair care products I love to death is the shampoo and conditioners I use. I don't have a specific brand/type of shampoo and conditioner I use as I find that I prefer to swap about every so often. By doing this my hair doesn't become used to the product so feels soft and silky everytime I reuse it a few days later, I advise you try doing this if you feel that your hair isn't as nice and fresh as you hoped. I have a few main shampoos and conditioners I often use and would highly recommend. The first is the Herbal Essences range. I love Herbal Essences, all their shampoos and conditioners work well on my hair and I use any one of their different types of shampoos and conditioners (normally the ones that apply to my hair texture/type at the time). The shampoos smell lovely and fruity, whilst the conditioners are creamy and smooth. They are one of my all time favourite hair care products.
Another brand of hair care products I use is Aussie, I simply adore their conditioners and shampoos as they smell so good and make my hair silky and smooth. I definitely recommend "Take the Heat" shampoo and conditioner, and "Luscious Long" shampoo and conditioner because both help protect my hair and prevents frizzy and fly-away hair.
And there you go, my top five hair care products! Hope you try out some of the hair care products I use in my daily routine and enjoy them just as much as i do!


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