Thursday, 16 February 2012

Crimpin' My Style

So lately I haven't really felt like doing blogs due to being extra busy with school and family life. Whilst I've been gone I've been trying out loads of new things which I am excited to write up about! But first things first I've been busy trying to create new and interesting hairstyles. I'm bored of the ordinary straight hair and seeing as my hair is naturally straight I have to depend on straightners or curlers to style it. However I went in to Argos a few weeks ago and brought this new hairstyling  product that crimps your hair. It cost me about £30, but it was well worth it! It is an Andrew Barton Triple Barrel Hair Waver and although it can be quite hard to use sometimes (and makes my arm ache trying to make natural boho waves with my hair) its well worth investing into buying this product! It has definitely been added to the growing list of my favourite hair care products.
Argos - Andrew Barton Making Waves Triple Barrel Hair Waver - £29.99

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