Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Top 10 Must-Haves.

I thought i might share the products i use during my everyday beauty routine with you as my first ever blog!There are 10 items in which i must always have enable to have a perfect day. I use them literally every day and it would be a disaster if they suddenly discontinued them!!

1. The first item is from The Body Shop and whoever thought up the idea of this product is a genius! It is the Tea Tree Blemish Gel and i use this literally everyday! Its an convenient portable stick that helps to cleanse and fight blemishes without over drying the skin. I use it everytime i have a big red spot on my face and after a few days of using it the spots gone and your skin hasnt even got the slightest mark showing where its been! No more spot popping for me! Its so easy to apply aswell! All you have to do is dab it on and voila! your spot will be gone within a matter of days. Before my mum brought this for me i often had to get out the small bottle of tea tree oil we had in the cupboard and put some onto a tissue. This is deffinitely a must-have product for spot-proned people!
Price: £4.50

2. The second thing i always use are lip balms. I much prefer lip balms to lipstick or lipgloss as i don't like the colours and the stickiness you get from wearing either lipstick or lipgloss. I love plain, colourless lipbalms that i can apply easily during school time. There are many lip balms i've used but the two i prefer the best are Carmex and Boots' own make of lip balm. Both moisturize and protect my lips the best. I have been using them religiously throughout this winter and my lips have never been better! So if your looking for a good lipbalm look no further than Boots or Superdrug!
  Price of Boots Lip Balm: 99p  
Price of Carmex: £2.65
3. I always always buy Boots' blonde hair accessories since my hair dresser used them ages ago on my hair. Stupidly though i never asked her where she got them from and went on a shopping hunt to find these little beautys. They instantly blend into my hair so i can style my hair without bands and grips being noticably visable! Boots' also do black, brown, white and silver accessories!
Price for thick blonde hairbands: £1.75 
Price for thin blonde hairbands: £1.65 
 Price for blonde hair grips: £1.38

4. The fourth item i always use is Soap & Glorys' Hand Food. This is a non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Due to me biting the dry skin around my nails, which is a horrible habit! /: i now use Hand Food to get rid of my dry skin which prevents me from biting my dry skin as i no longer have any! It is literally amazing but i advise you to put only a little blob on your hands as it can take a long time to rub in. I normally smother my hands with it and put on a pair of gloves for an hour or so. When you take the gloves off all the hand cream has soaked into your hands leaving them ludicrously soft! Not only that but is smells so yummy!
Price: £4.85
5. My fifth must-have item is Leighton Denny's Crystal Nail File. I never ever cut my nails anymore since i got this for my birthday almost a year ago. I got the set including two crystal nail files, one small and the other larger. I have used them religiously every weekend as my nails grow astonishingly fast! Ever since i've started using them my nails have been noticably stronger and smoother. The advantage of using crystal nail files is the fact that the nails wont break as easily and also that you can go back and fourth when filing them down unlike other nail files. Although it took a little while to get used to them as they are harder to use than the normal nail files i can now easily file down my nails within 20 minutes or so ( i take a long time as i'm a bit of a perfectionist plus i like my nails short. ) My mum also has the black crystal nail file but i'm unsure if they still sell it as i think it was limited adition. Though it is expensive it is well worth the money seeing as its 'Lifetime Guaranteed'.
Price: £27.50
6. The sixth item on my list is Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure Nail Polish. I use this everytime my nails break and within a few days my nails are healthy and strong once again. Although i do find the nail polish very gloopy and thick which makes it difficult to spread on without getting lumps and bumps. I also find that it takes forever to dry which is a pain in the bum as i am used to fast drying nail varnishes and often smudge and chip the nailpolish. But it isn't so bad as the nail polish is infact clear so dont be tricked by the colour of the bottle which is blue!  i often use it as a base coat or a top coat when i paint my nails ( usually top ). My mum recomends it to everyone with weak, breakable nails! Sally Hansen also does a range of other nail polishes that help improve your nails so check them out on her website!
Price: £9.65

7. I was recently introduced to Lush's Bubble Gum Lip Scrub by my friend Tilly which she applied on her lips 24/7 when we went to London. Since then i managed to go into Lush and buy a pot of the yummy smelling stuff. I absolutely love it, it smells so scrummy and i often eat the sugary lip scrub rather than apply it to my lips. But recently disaster struck while i was walking around Leigh with my bestfriend Georgia as the pots lid had come undone and the whole pot of sticky sugary lip scrub was in the bottom of my bag. All my stuff was smothered in the sweet smelling stuff. So i have to wait and go to Lush again to buy another pot of the lovely stuff! Hopefully i will be going next weekend or so to Bluewaters so i can buy it! I miss using it terribly as it helped resolve the problem of dry lips! I urge you to buy this product if you have dry lips! If you are not a fan of bubblegum flavoured and scented things then i suggest you opt for the two other flavours; Sweet Lips and Mint Julips.
Price: £4.50

8. My eighth must-have item is Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I am so glad my mum found this product! I think she found it nearly two years ago and i have used it ever since then! Every night i use this to wash my face and i absolutely love it! It is one of my favourite beauty products as it is made by natural ingrediants only and removes all types of makeup easily! Ever since i have used this product removing makeup from my skin has been easy and simple, plus my skin has been a lot clearer and smoother! I deffinitely advise you to buy this product. This product includes a free cleansing cloth to wash your face with. 
Price: £13.25

9. My second from last product on my must-have list is L'Oreal's Natural Liss Hair Gel. This is great for my hair which is partially thick and can become very fly away! This is a hair gel which protects and prevents flyaway, damaged hair. I apply this on my damp hair after taking a shower and just blowdry it. The end results are excellent as my hair feels silkier and softer than before and also it stops my hair from becoming fly away. Though don't use this product too much as it begins to loose its effect after a while so i use it every few days.
Price: £9.90

10. My last must-have item is Aveeno's Moisturising Lotion. It was suggested to me from my private doctor that looks at my skin. She advised that i used this if my skin got too dry whilst using the gel she had appointed for me to use on a daily basis. Although i have stopped using the gel i still use this moisturiser as it is unbelievably good. Though i do warn you now to only put a tiny little blob in your hand as it is incredibly greasy. Within a few days my skin is soft and smooth once again. It doesn't smell all too nice but oh well, i love it anyway!
Price: 3.57

And there you go, my top ten must-haves! Hope you try out some of the products i use in my daily routine and enjoy them just as much as i do!

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